Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I talked to the publisher and he said that, if nothing goes wrong, then the second devil's panties book will be out in two months.
I've given up anticipating it. I'll just be pleasantly surprised if it ever does come out.
Steps are being taken to set up my own self publishing company so that I will know what's going on and have control over the situation. Even if it's just knowing that the truck broke down or the boat sank. At least I'll have an answer for people when they ask "Where's the next book?" instead of answering "That's a great question. If you find out, could you let me know?"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I survived...

I can't feel my feet. I wanna sleep for a week.
I didn't have anything new so I didn't make much money but next year I'll have three new books so it'll be awesome. We're going to try and get Comic con to let more people into the "webcomic" area and I hear that we'll even have a sign. mwaahahahaa, we're taking over.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

enough with the boobs

I know, I know. I tend to fixate on a plot arch when I have them...er, "fixate" or "the strips are there and I'm too lazy to move on just yet".
I'm getting things ready for San Diego and realizing just how much crap has to get done. Time is like a zombie, moves slow as shit but when you're not looking "boo! got your brains!"

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Reply from a previous comment
I actually don't think they make 38's. They make 37 or 39 I think, but 38 doesn't really exist. Just went and checked my bra's and I only have 32's and 36's.
Ladies who work at bra stores always seem to have great boobs. Or at least they're presented really well. Which is like saying a car dealer drives a nice car or a comic shop clerk knows a lot about comics.


It's just so easy to get away with just using the pencils to update. I've gotta buckle down a bit harder on these cartoons. I've got 200 strips waiting to be drawn and inked (I've got the dialogue layed out) that are going into book 4 and I'm bairly getting the daily strips done. My work ethic needs an overhaul. But I was really looking forward to this story arc so, in theory, the strips will get done sooner. This is a road trip where Happy Goth and I went to Lessa's wedding. On the way we stopped by Dragon Con Goddess's house and dyed yarn with cool aid.

The status on the second graphic novel (@%#&*!) The publisher had to change partners so the book was never sent to print. It is at the printers now but they want to do a bunch of different books all at once and not all are done yet so they're still doing proofs or something and it's not being printed just yet....(@#%$&*).... My dad did a sculpture in Jamaica and every day he'd go down to the docks and ask if the boat that had his supplies was there yet and every day they'd say "Soon come mon, soon come." which they eventually realized meant "might be tomorrow, might be next month."
Status on the second graphic novel?
Soon come.