Thursday, May 29, 2008

Stranded, then and now

The conversation in todays strip actually happened at Penguincon in Michigan. I was struck by the stark difference in culture represented by these two shows. In the early sixties (I think) a show about people stranded on an island is a comedy. Today a show about people stranded on an island is quite different. I wonder what that says about today's choice of entertainment.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy Drawing so I didn't get Drawing done.

I know I said I'd have everything inked today and I will, it'll just be later on in the day. I went to my drawing class on Tuesday and we kinda ran around 1am late. But I got some awesome art done. I'll take a better picture later but this is from the camera on my phone.
PS. I came home from to find these perfect rice balls in the refrigerator with seasoning on the top. My roommate's been doing some creative cooking.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I got back from my friends wedding yesterday. It was six kindsa awesome. I got a ton of cartoons out of it. But I've still got the notes for cartoons from the Calgary show and Seattle still to pencil out first. Today I'm inking last weeks strips and then I'm doing seven more to cover when I leave for Akon in Texas on Thursday. The cartoons that are up now are about Penguincon in Michigan that I went to ... um... checking my convention page... I went to penguincon in April. I did a bunch more cartoons about it but I'm cutting down on the convention toons on the website. I'm saving them for the fourth graphic novel. I've got a stack of 160 cartoons penciled out that are all going in the graphic novel. Extra strips from thanksgiving and ren fairs and stuff.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


aw crap, it's 3:30am and I haven't inked the cartoons yet. I've gotta get up at 5am to leave for a friends wedding. I'll be gone for a week and I did the cartoons to carry me through 'till I get back on Tuesday. The thing is, I penciled them but I haven't gotten a chance to ink them. I could ink them before I left but then there would be no sleep before a 10 hour drive. A dead artist doesn't update as well as a live one. So there will be pencils for a week. They'll get inked when I get back. Keenspot has an automatic updating system so I always do a bunch of strips before I leave for a show or trip and upload them all. This blog thing doesn't do that.... It might but I'm too tired to figure it out and I've gotta be up hour and a half. well crap. This should be interesting. Don't worry, Happy Goth is coming with me and she's probably sleeping right now. She'll poke me if the car starts drifting off of the road. oh, the pencils will be up on till tuesday.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Alanna Rocks

Thanks to "The woman who rides like a man" and Wendi Pini it never occurred to me that girls couldn't do comics. Alanna taught me that you can do anything. It may be hard as hell and kick your ass six ways to Sunday, but you can do it. And yes, I was "princess pink" with a pink dress that my mom made for me (or did dad make it?) with a silver star on the front. My older brothers still don't forgive me for the damage that I did to their comic collection. I was flipping through comics before I could read. And I still have Bunny. I think he's still got the red velvet dress that Dad made him to cover up all the batches and seems. I shared a big blue wrought iron bed with my two little sisters. We tied little hammocks to the bed for our dolls. One doll torso (I think it was Evil Lyn) was permanently tied with some yarn that we couldn't get off, the knots were so small and tight.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Look at my words!

Yeah, todays strip is a huge copout. I was going to use the sketches from my drawing class anyway and figured I'd point out the blog box. I realized that it was about an inch farther down on the screen than most people scroll to. I'm slowly putting all the sketches from the art class up on Etsy (I'm just copying Danielle Corsetto's coolness) but they're nude, so no peeking at work....I wonder if the nipples in todays art is pushing it as far as "public" display goes.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

IK the Troll just sent me a link to his Troll Panties

The dragon guy was hot. I cheated a little and traced the photos. I was strapped for time! There are six other ren fest cartoons that I need to finish that are going into the book (book 4 I think) that I have to get done along with mondays comic.... and I should dig something up for sunday.
check out other pictures of our trip to Ga. Ren Fest

Friday, May 16, 2008

I saw the Troll King but I didn't actually talk to him. (there's the "semi" part of the "semi-autobiographical")
He e-mailed me later to invite me for tea next time I was there. It's the Georgia Renaissance fair. You can find a bunch of awesome pictures of him on his myspace page. And he does have two adorable kittens.

blog is up, can I go to bed now?

That took waaaay too long. Three days to find the program (because I'm lazy), an hour to find the code to get it onto the website, and six hours to hammer the website into submission. I still want to figure out how to get that title moved over.... but my brain stopped working.
I put some new images up on the store page.
The first graphic novel is in the store now
The second graphic novel is in printer limbo. But don't worry, I have sticks that I'm going to beet them with. The second book will be out even if I have to cut down the trees to print it on.

stoopid coding

computers, technology, doesn't like me. Coding feels like hammering a circle into a square. I found a blog program, dug up the code to put it on a website, and posted it....only my webpage refuses to recognize that it exists. Oh, it'll let me play with the html but it won't upload it. I got it up by moving the code around on the page. The internet finaly said "shit, she's not going away. Fine, fine! we'll let you use that."
....sonovabitch... it's gone again....hold on, where'd I put that mallet?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The begining

Now I just have to figure out how to get this onto my website. ah, the complicated life of a low tech person in a high tech world...doesn't help that I make my living from doing a webcomic and I know nothing about website code.