Friday, May 16, 2008

stoopid coding

computers, technology, doesn't like me. Coding feels like hammering a circle into a square. I found a blog program, dug up the code to put it on a website, and posted it....only my webpage refuses to recognize that it exists. Oh, it'll let me play with the html but it won't upload it. I got it up by moving the code around on the page. The internet finaly said "shit, she's not going away. Fine, fine! we'll let you use that."
....sonovabitch... it's gone again....hold on, where'd I put that mallet?


wa11z said...

I'm reading!! And eagerly awaiting your next post. Hopefully you'll get this all figured out. And you drew me a Darth Vader!!

Jennie Breeden said...

seems the internet will let me put the post under the comic, but not at the bottom of the page where I want. I'm going to find a black rooster and some sheeps blood. Maybe a slightly virgin sacrifice will help.