Sunday, May 18, 2008

Look at my words!

Yeah, todays strip is a huge copout. I was going to use the sketches from my drawing class anyway and figured I'd point out the blog box. I realized that it was about an inch farther down on the screen than most people scroll to. I'm slowly putting all the sketches from the art class up on Etsy (I'm just copying Danielle Corsetto's coolness) but they're nude, so no peeking at work....I wonder if the nipples in todays art is pushing it as far as "public" display goes.


Meagan said...

I'm glad you did, I wouldn't have noticed you had a blog. Fun stuff and I LOVE your comic since I've never had a chance to leave a comment somewhere before. The dragon guy below is indeed hot. Btw... do you want some help with defining the blog width so you don't have h-scroll? I can probably help you out with that... drop me an email if you'd like me to: nospam at hadesarrow dot com.

Raindog said...


Thank you for writing a fun and unique comic strip. I read it everyday and have gone back through your archive as well. You can thank Tamora Pierce's recommendation for another fan.


drowferret said...

Girl, you work your butt off for us lowly grab-artists and we appreciate it! Besides, I'm all for the nipples (girl, guy... kitteh... whatever) because they are sooo silly.


Aerie said...

:D The site's looking really great. The new blog feature is really great since we hardly see you over in LJ.

If the blog box becomes too much trouble, the Wordpress comic theme is really good for putting comics and blogs together.

Todomanna said...

Holy crap, it's a blog!

Manu aus dem Chaos said...

Its art. Art shouldnt be influenced by the bullshit conservative standards they use on television for example (sorry for the language).

Great works btw :)