Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yay sleep dep!

4:30am and I should sleep. Lots of airport shuttling tomorrow because this is my town and I gotta pick up friends for dragon con. mmm dragon con has my brain. I procrastinated doing cartoons by doing crafts; making bookmarks and magnets an shit for the show. Got distracted reading a webcomic that makes me ache to be a better artist. And I found the webcam option on my computer. It's adictive to just watch yourself. There's a bit of a lag and you're not looking yourself in the eye when you look at yourself so it's like being a voyer on yourself...did I mention that dragon con took my brain?
I'm doing things, maybe subconsciously, to look more like my comic version of me. Getting my hair cut diferent than I usualy do...or that I usualy avoid getting it cut like because it's kinda close to my moms haircut. But now it looks closer to the comic version than normal and I dyed it red again. The comic version originated from my freshman college days but I went another way and the comic stayed a short scrappy redhead. it's artist imitating the art that get the idea.
There will never be enough time.


Anonymous said...

hey jen! .. you know.. you have more than enough minions in this world to delegate these tasks instead of doing them all your own.

you look more like yourself then ever before???

DOOD you (as you know) MAKE ME JEALOUS of your artistic talent.. it would be unfair for you to have more !!! :P

and finally :

YAY you're using your blogging-ish thingy again :)

**impatiently waiting for your next seattle visit**

(ps.. i found you a super minion to help you with your booth..and it isn't me! )

-Tim said...

You are evil, now I am reading the same web is very well drawn though. Thanks for the link.

Ewan said...

Glad to see you caught the mistake early on. It is indeed Principal Skinner's moustache, not the drummers. :P

AmethystSquirrel said...

I wish I was going to DC this year. My friend Moo, is bringing his cow print kilt and going to ask you to autograph your comic from Customers Suck in which you drew my donut story LOL

CopperScaleDragon said...

I guess I will be seeing you guys today!!! Yeah!!! Dragon Con!!!

info said...

Thanks Jen! You're a peach!

Rene Engström said...

Uh. That was me that said thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Post Dragon*Con:

Hey! I just wanted to drop a note to say how awesome you were to a random customer and how nice it was talking to you. (I was the one who had the husband with the big glowy blue death ray.) You fanned me 'cause it was really warm in there with all those people and I was lookin' all hot an' gross an' sweaty from running around.

You definitely made a new fan! 'Cause... you fanned... me. Har har.

Yeeeah, I'll just leave the jokes to the professionals. :P

Anonymous said...

Oh Jennie I friggin love you.
And I totally missed you the entire time @ Dragon Con. D= I spent most of my time on an escalator...I think primarily in the Hyatt. Who knows? I was so sad I couldn't find you that I didn't hardly spend any money on things I didn't need XD

Em²a Cartoon said...

*laugh* I did that, too, actually. My hair is back to being short, and I've been REALLY resisting dying it red again. I probably will for Halloween, knowing me. Just can resist that long.

Anyways, thanks for introducing the cool new artsy comic! Later!