Friday, September 5, 2008

deviant has my brain

I was just looking for a reference of "Zexion", honest!
Back at connecticon i was bought (yes, there is a webcomics auction) and she gave me to her friends (yes, that's what I said) and the friends were drawn into the background. I asked if they wanted to be chasing any particular comic character and they said "kingdom of hearts orginization 13, #6 zexion" None of this made since to me so I checked it up online.
And I found lots of great examples on
um, and then I started looking at awesome art...and then there was the photos...of guys...and....yaoi and I found this awesome artist and I'm flipping throught their stuff
her comics are adorible.


Caution said...

All you had to do was say 'yaoi'.

We understand.

L. Mynatt said...

You ought to put up a page yourself. It would be a great way to attract a new readership.
Plus...the pretties to collect like baubles. C'mon, it's fun! :D

Justin said...

I would second the suggestion to join deviantART. I've been there since 2003, and I've seen some absolutely amazing work. In fact, I actually found DP through a link on somebody's page on dA.

Jennie Breeden said...