Monday, September 8, 2008

catching up

Second work day that I've had since San Diego comic con. I've finished all the inking for the strips that had been left penciled all those times. I hadn't realized just how long it's been since I had a full day to work. With travel and conventions I've fallen extreamly behind on cartoons and life upkeep. Bills, taxes, home repair, etc. And now I'm setting up my LLC for self publishing. I'm getting quotes from quebecor and lubonfon (sp?) and after paying for the playing cards, my 1k worth of book two, and a new roof I've come to the conclusion that I won't be able to do the big restock that I wanted to. I'm going to be out of Con artists and DP0(highschool/college years) really soon. But I need to save my money for the printing of book 3. So I'm going to put up the original cartoons for sale. Well, they've always been for sale, I'm just going to put them a bit more promenent. Should I put them up on e-bay or Etsy?


Phillip said...

Considering the things eBay has been doing lately to sellers, I'd go with Etsy. You may find some browsers at eBay, but you're more likely to get sellers from your established fan base, so it doesn't matter where you put them.

Bellaforte said...

Damn it. I finished the first book I bought at D*C late last week.
Please tell me that you'll be at ComiCon in Atlanta in November?