Saturday, September 13, 2008

coffee shop work day

The work day was a huge success. Lots of people showed up and I was all out of projects for people to help with. I need to get another button press. Heard some great Dragon con stories and Got to hang out with the people from Broken Boomerang. Hopefully they'll come by again for comic drawing and button making.


Miss Kitty Fantastico said...

I got into such a rhythm with the button maker that I totally lost track of time.

It was a lot of fun though! Can't wait to do it again.


Lydia said...

It was great to meet with you guys today! I had a lot of fun sitting there listening to everyone and trying to figure out my silly crochet. And thanks for the link, I guess this means we need to get off our butts and post some more soon, heh.
I hope we can make it out again soon.

Anonymous said...

Totally in the wrong part of the world for this but I caught your podcast. Cute! And loving the batman thingy on the wall.

Rachael said...

Hey Jen,
Wanted to first say, GREAT job on the webcast/podcast/web-cam update thingy. It would be great if you had a comments section for it, maybe post it to U-toob ( yes mis-spelled on purpose ). Also shouldn't the actual Devil's Panties be a thong or g-string? Just a thought.
Hope you make it out to sunny California some day, you've got fans out here too.
Take Care,

Anonymous said...

So... This has nothing to do with the topic at hand, but on the schedule of events for AWA this weekend, there's an even listed as 'Devil's Panties.' Is that you?

Anonymous said...

I've got ask about today's comments. How does exploding nipples = fun dip and pop rocks??

Hugo Fuchs said...

Funny, I was thinking, if she can't handle pop-rocks and nipples, then she obviously has not tried oral sex with pop rocks.

Anonymous said...

Heeeey you should TOTALLY get twitter! XD 'specially so i know when you do a geeba's update. :) all teh cool webcomic artists are doing it ( and for instance)


love your comic! thank you :D

Anonymous said...

Out of wonderment, what sort of apple pie alcohol did you have?

I was introduced to some at AutumnWar (SCA event; much fun, and I remember most of it..) and it was very yummy. I'm just curious, because the gut who made it gave me the recipe. : D

Chelsea and John said...

Haha... I just saw this post and laughed to see what day you did this. This was the day of my wedding (not like I was in the area or anything) so I couldn't have made it, although it would have been fun :D