Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beach with Family

Skyler didn't really say that. But each year before the family trip to the beach I try to exercise a bit more because if anyone is going to tell you that you have a fat ass, it's going to be your family.


Gilmoure said...

Only women worry if their ass is fat. Men just sit back and enjoy the show.

(except for the cretins that have bought in to the whole blond/tan/skelletor marketing hype)

hyniof said...


Last week, Mike Stevens, one of us still in the Daily Grind, started the segment of his "ninja death" story where his character kills yours. The first page of it is at in case you'd like to peruse it.

The Other Mike in the Grind

Andy said...

I'm a guy so I dunno if i can relate the intended way- but seeing your picture reminded me of something.

I have an aunt that tends to get a little chubby from time to time. But here is the thing, whenever she get's chubby, she calls everyone fat >o< (especailly if they're skinnier than she is)

Stupid- yeah?

David said...

gilmoure, you hit it *exactly* on the head! Look back through history; there's a reason women with curves are called "Rubensesque." God bless all of you out there, & thank you for letting me marry one!