Saturday, June 21, 2008


I've started to look up reference for my convention announcements. I image google searched Seattle and got the sky needle. Dallas was mostly the tv show and then the cowboy cheerleaders. Chicago was mostly the movie (other than skyline)... well it was when I drew this. Now I can't find the picture. But Richard Gere stands in the middle of the poster in his hat and suit. That's what I used for reference when I did the wizard Chicago announcement.


necrotism said...

silly girl... its the 'space needle' .. hehe.. sky needle.. thats awesome... :)

ya know i was watchin an Elvis movie.. "it happened at the worlds fair" which was based at the seattle worlds fair in 1962 (movie came out in 63) last week... was interesting to see how seattle looked back then.. but the "sky" needle was brand new at the time.

Barbarian said...

Well drat, we're leaving for Oregon on Saturday morning. I haven't been to Wizard in years, but I certainly would have gone to this one.

marsbarn said...

What? I thought your advert for Wizard reflected your latest costume of choice... I was just thinking thigh highs would be pretty uncomfortable to sit in during all those autograph signings. I am so relieved to hear it was only a reference to Chicago. Phew.

Meh said...

Can I bring you anything on Saturday at Wizard? I'll be there with bells on (maybe). :)

dayo said...

Up for stompy dancing? Neo is always fun :)

Thacher said...

It was nice to meet you in Chicago. Hopefully the second book will be out "soon," and I'll be sure to send some customers your way, as I'm also really enjoying the daily strips.

Thacher E Cleveland
Super-Fly Comics & Games