Sunday, June 15, 2008

model face

I love using black and white compressed charcoal at the same time. Whatever mistakes you make can be fixed and you can go really dark and really light. Chiaroscuro is my favorite; dark and light. The other side of that is sphumotu (sp) which is "like smoke". Look mom, I'm using vocab from my college education! See, that 25k a year was worth it.

But yeah, I got so into doing the face that I ignored the rest. Drawing white on black paper is an easy trick to get delicate details without much work. Just dot those eyes and the tip of the nose and you've got instant shiny.


Anonymous said...

its amazing.. it LOOKS like its a photo that you've "sketchified"

like you scanned a photo and then made it look like a drawing...

i KNOW you didn't i'm not accusing you.. i'm complimenting your sketching talent... keep on showing us this stuff.. its fargin brilliant :)

Anonymous said...

Oh this face just glows! How lovely! I find the face much more powerful without the background. She just leaps forward to grab you, like "Ha! I don't need no stinkin' background, just look in my eyes!"

Maikeru G said...

I'd have to say that I like compressed charcoal as well. It's far easier for me to get my desired effect by using it, a mars plastic eraser, and a kneaded eraser. Personally I love the fact that I can "draw" in lighter areas by reshaping the kneaded eraser to create the shape that I need for removing varying amounts of charcoal.

Anyway, I think that your skill with rendering people in charcoal is far better than my own—personally I'd rather draw anything that isn't human shaped. ^_^