Tuesday, June 17, 2008

cell on vibrate

No, I didn't do this but I think about it every time that thing buzzes.


Damien said...

I think Everyone thinks about that. Especially if your phone is one of those having a Really Strong vibrate function. ^_^

Noel said...

I know a girl for whom that's her voicemail: "My phone's in my lap on vibrate. Just keep calling."

Inno Tenshi said...

A friend of mine and I were in a comic store last year and he hugged me right when my phone rang, and it just so happens my phone was on vibrate in a strange place while he was holding me ... very awkward giggles ensued! He said if felt verrrry strange. XD still laugh about it now and then!

alexander said...

They actually have panties with a pocket specifically for your cell phone.


Amanda said...

Haha, my friend's new years eve party a couple years ago - one of the catch phrases of the night was
'Look, I can please her with on finger!'

As one friend stole another's cellphone, putting it down her pants, and another used their cellphone to call that one which was on vibrate.